Facing the monopoly of international giants, how does the domestic high-end instrumentation rise?

 Academician Wang Daxi, a famous scientist in China, once pointed out that instruments are tools for understanding the world, machines are tools for transforming the world, and transforming the world often begins with understanding the world. Scientific instruments have expanded mankind's ability to understand the world. They are known as the "leaders" and "foundation stones" of national innovation-driven development, and they are "multipliers" and "boosters" for economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, it is also an effective "political chip" for the big country game.

Over the years, with the efforts of researchers and the support of state policies, China has successfully developed a number of high-end scientific research instruments, which have played an important role in national scientific research progress. However, due to a variety of reasons, the scientific instrument industry in China has been lagging behind and catching up, and the situation of high-end scientific instruments mainly relying on imports has not changed.

In order to make up the shortage and shortage of the high-end scientific research instruments in our country as soon as possible and break the long-term dependence on imports, each expert committee member is "drum and call" for the rise of domestic high-end instruments. Now let's listen to these good sounds!

"While not all products and technologies need to be developed by themselves, important instruments and critical technologies need to be developed by themselves. It is proposed to use scientific research projects funded by state financial funds to review whether the same instruments are available in the country to meet scientific research needs when applying for the purchase of imported instruments. Without affecting the progress of scientific research projects, it is required to give priority to the purchase of domestically independently developed instruments to carry out scientific research work, and provide opportunities for the survival space and innovative development of domestically independently developed instruments. "

-- Cuixiangqun, member of the CPPCC National Committee and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

"High-end scientific instruments need to be heavily invested in research and development to participate in international competition in order to be effective. On the one hand, only by increasing the state's investment in scientific and technological research and development in universities and research institutes can we cultivate a group of research teams that can really do research and development of instruments to support the development of this field, and innovation and entrepreneurship will be promoted and people will be made available. It is possible to make high-end instruments that can compete with foreign countries; On the other hand, the state will also introduce policies to encourage the development of high-end scientific instrument R&D companies. "

-- Yangxueming, deputy to the National People's Congress and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

"What is important is to give some tax incentives to manufacturers of domestic scientific research instruments. Let him sell the device, make money, and iterate the product through user feedback to form such a positive loop. "

-- Wangchunru, member of the CPPCC National Committee

鈥淲e should conduct an antitrust investigation into some of the equipment suppliers that have a bad influence in the scientific instrument industry and are suspected of abusing their dominant position in the market. We will improve relevant laws and regulations and strengthen legislation on the protection of anti-monopoly and procurers in the field of scientific research equipment. "

"It is very important to establish an open market for the maintenance of scientific research equipment and equipment, allowing and encouraging third-party companies to enter the maintenance market. The instrument supplier shall disclose maintenance information to the third party and open up the sale of spare parts; The supplier shall be prohibited from placing exclusive clauses in the supply contract or maintenance contract. "

"For products that are narrow and highly specialized in the field of scientific research instruments, it is recommended that special price consultation groups be formed by major purchasers in the same field. Such a group can determine reasonable maintenance price standards in consultation with the dominant supplier in accordance with the principle of fairness and reasonableness. "

-- Lanminbo, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and professor at East China University of Technology

"The state should also further increase its investment in the development of scientific research instruments and pay more attention to the design of scientific research instruments. The National major scientific instrument equipment development project invested 6.7 billion yuan during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, but the investment during the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' period dropped to one-third of the original, hoping that the 'Fourteenth Five-Year Plan' can be maintained at least at the 'Twelve Five' level. "

"With the instrument, someone will have to use it. It is suggested that relevant departments may issue corresponding policies and stipulate that government procurement should take priority over domestic scientific research instruments. In order to encourage domestic scientific research equipment manufacturers, they can also implement tax cuts to allow them to invest more funds in research and development. "

"If domestic scientific research instruments are to rise, first of all, the evaluation system should be changed. Don't think that equipment is inferior to others, we must put problem solving first and attract more people into the field of scientific research equipment. "

-- Zhang Guanya, Chairman of the Analytical Instrument Branch of the Chinese Instrument Instrument Academy and Researcher of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

"It is recommended that the government procurement policy for domestically produced instruments be further implemented, and that clear and specific implementation rules be formulated for the study of the tax exemption policy for imported instruments. At the same time, the instrument enterprises should implement a tax refund policy and return funds for technology research and development."

-- Yitong, NPC deputy and deputy director of Beijing Science Research Center

The words that are spoken by words point out the direction and road for the development of domestic instruments. With the country's continued emphasis on the development of domestic scientific instruments and the increase in investment in major scientific research funds for instruments, the development and application of domestic high-end instruments has become wider and wider. Domestically produced scientific instruments must be prominent in the "catch and intercept" of foreign giants.