Instrument development heights! How can industrial parks exert cluster effect?

Nowadays, the industrial cluster has become an important way to improve the regional competitiveness. It is widely recognized that the park is the main carrier of forming local industrial clusters and can bring into full play the effect of industrial clusters. It is under the guidance of industrial clusters that in recent years, the construction of industrial parks in various parts of China has set off an upsurge, and industrial parks related to instrumentation have also mushroomed.

Dandong Instrument Industry Park, Yangtze River Delta Industrial Park, Suzhou Industrial Park and a series of complete facilities, large-scale, resource-rich industrial parks, has become a fertile ground for the growth and development of instrument enterprises. However, at the same time, many regions blindly built industrial parks, not only did not play the due industrial cluster effect, but also wasted a lot of capital resources. So what kind of industrial park does the instrumentation industry need? How can these industrial parks give full play to the cluster effect and promote the development of the instrumentation industry?

Accurate positioning! Strengthen industrial affiliation

The general characteristic of industrial parks is the concentration of a large number of enterprises in a certain area, but the concentration of enterprises in geographical location and the sharing of public goods do not necessarily have a gathering effect. The development of industrial parks depends on the synergy effect formed by the industrial relevance or business association of enterprises in parks. Therefore, the instrument industry park should find its own positioning at the beginning of the construction, clear functional division and specialization division of labor. The so-called positioning should not only relate to the situation in the region, but also have to take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages. For example, Dandong Instrument Industry Park is based on the location of local advantageous industries, and is mainly developed with special instrumentation, electronics, automation control systems, medical and scientific testing instruments, sensors, and other equipment, rather than supporting it as a leading industry in any field. We should know that the resources of industrial parks are limited, and too many leading industries will weaken the effect of industrial clusters, which is not conducive to the centralized allocation of resources.

Similarly, strengthening industrial association is also aimed at strengthening the industrial cluster effect. After the instrument industry park is clearly positioned, it should not easily introduce other enterprises and institutions that are not highly related. The blind pursuit of quantity and well-known brands, while ignoring their degree of association and mutual permeability, can easily lead to the park can not form an effective industrial chain. On the contrary, the instrumentation industry park should actively introduce raw materials, spare parts, consumables and other upstream and downstream industries and related scientific research institutions on the basis of the construction of leading industries to form a driving force for continuous development.

Advocate for innovation! Promoting corporate synergy

Innovation, has always been the instrument industry around the topic. In the "flooding" of the park economy, the instrument and instrument industry park should stand out from the world, and we can not ignore the power of innovation. Looking at the present, many industrial parks have not formed high-tech industrial clusters, attracting fewer high-tech enterprises, and the technological innovation of enterprises in the park is seriously insufficient. Due to the high degree of industrial association in the park, many companies have similar business fields but do not attach importance to innovation, resulting in adverse phenomena such as competition, serious homogenization, and low price competition.

Therefore, the instrument and instrument industry park should not only pay attention to quantity but also to quality when inviting investment. Companies that lack innovation and indulge in low-end competition are grouped together. It is called "mob". Only companies that are keen to innovate and are keen on benign competition are grouped together. The latter can create an innovation environment for industrial parks from the bottom up, improve the innovation vitality and innovation efficiency of parks, and strengthen friendly cooperation and benign competition among enterprises to form a coordinated development mode of business. Of course, this not only depends on the joint efforts of the major instrument companies, but also requires the industrial park to consciously guide and shape the environmental atmosphere.

With the rapid development of the park economy, China's industrial park construction has been accelerating, and the development of the industrial chain has also become more mature. Many instrumentation industrial parks have also created distinctive brands and technological innovation alliances, actively importing capital and talents, and providing enterprises with comprehensive services including inspection, testing, and technical support. More and more instrument enterprises take root and thrive in industrial parks and become the leaders of local industries. The effect of industrial cluster can not be underestimated, and the future of the instrumentation industry will be even better.