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Is the spring of the environmental monitor coming?

 On July 1, the "Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Regulations" was formally implemented, which means that the era of mandatory garbage classification has officially arrived. On August 1, the newly revised "Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste in Hangzhou" was voted by the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress. This means that the Hangzhou people discussed the classification of garbage after the meal.

In addition, other first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also eager to issue relevant policies. The Ministry of Housing and Construction has made it clear that it plans to invest 21.3 billion yuan this year. By the end of 2020, the 46 key cities that will first be tested will basically complete the garbage sorting system.

At present, the topic of "garbage sorting" has indeed declined compared to July, but this does not mean that the garbage sorting industry is cool. The release of environmental protection policies and the purchase of gas detectors are widely and frequently seen. It can be seen that the ecological environment bureaus of some cities have disclosed a large number of procurement activities. The purpose is to carry out comprehensive air pollution prevention and control as a whole.

The Guangzhou Ecological and Environmental Bureau conducted an open tender for the Whampoa District odor gas early warning and air pollution prevention and control comprehensive service projects, and purchased gas monitoring instruments and devices amounting to RMB 75.7553 million; Kaifeng Environmental Monitoring Station purchased 3 packages of instruments, amounting to 9.43 million; The Shijiazhuang Environmental Monitoring Center of Hebei Province has invited tenders for the Shijiazhuang Monitoring Center's capacity-building project for ecological environment monitoring(import) for 11.878 million yuan. At the same time, there are other environmental inspection centers that have also opened procurement and tender. The large-scale procurement throughout the country is intended to establish and improve the environmental monitoring system as soon as possible to better serve the environmental governance work.

In the face of the huge market, the companies participating in the bidding are also involved in the number of solutions. Environmental monitoring of third-party transportation is the general trend, and the spring of development has come. Predictable environmental monitoring equipment such as atmospheric VOCs monitoring, remote sensing monitoring, emergency monitoring equipment and platforms can fully realize real-time monitoring and traceability monitoring of the atmospheric environment around waste site stations, and there will be a strong demand.

Environmental monitoring is one of the important links in the development and operation of modern cities, and ecological environment bureaus in various regions have established a complete environmental monitoring system, which is to improve the ability to monitor and handle domestic waste in major cities in China, and to analyze and deal with problems based on monitoring data. In order to better carry out the "garbage classification" work.

Air pollution control can not only be quick, but also stick to a protracted war. In the future, garbage classification will also accelerate the pace of construction of "no waste cities" while moving toward fine-tuning. In terms of the scale of investment, the total investment in the construction of innocuous facilities for the treatment of domestic waste in urban areas will be about 250.8 billion yuan in the coming year. Apart from manpower investment, more jobs will be filled in the different categories, and more will be used for monitoring and handling equipment, while some market investors will also aim at this business opportunity. Dare to test water, some leading monitoring enterprises to increase the gas monitoring equipment development and production.

According to the public data of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, so far a quarter of the cities have no suitable places to dump garbage, and the total number of urban garbage dumps in the country has invaded 750,000 Mu of land. In this context, garbage classification will further promote the construction of garbage classification treatment projects and equipment investment. And the environmental monitoring industry from the hundreds of millions of enterprises from the market, how to achieve the refinement, but also can be divided into "sweet", we should wait and see!

Editor's comment: As far as the current environmental situation in China is concerned, environmental governance is still the focus of economic and social development. In this environment, the environmental monitoring industry how to seize the opportunity to truly enter the Environmental Protection field, to bring valuable application solutions and reliable equipment for environmental protection work, instrument merchants need to consider carefully.