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Investment of scientific research funds in instrument and instrument industry to create driving force

It is well known that science and technology are the first productive forces, and instrumentation is an important cornerstone of industrial development. Scientific instruments play an important role in promoting national economic development and enhancing the country's core competitiveness.

At present, under the intensive introduction of a series of favorable policies by the state, coupled with the strong demand of the domestic market, China's instrumentation industry as a whole has maintained steady and rapid growth. With the increase in industrial investment, technological breakthroughs and scale accumulation, in the foreseeable future, the industry began to usher in an accelerated period of development.

On the other hand, with the universal application of new technologies such as biochip technology, sensors, electronic design automation, and robots, the application field of instrumentation will also usher in a more rapid expansion.

Profit growth has shown signs of picking up in some of the higher-value-added downstream industries, such as instrumentation, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, from January to October, industry experts said. These new profits mainly come from the steel, oil, building materials, and chemical industries. It increased by 63.7 %, 25.2 %, 45.9 % and 22.1 % respectively. The combined contribution of the five industries to the profit growth of industrial enterprises above designated size was 75.7 per cent.

To explore the factors behind the development of the industry, scientific and technological investment is indispensable. The "2017 National Statistics Bulletin on the Investment of Science and Technology Funds" shows that in 2017, China's science and technology funding has increased its investment, research and experimental development(R& D) The rate of increase in investment has accelerated. Among them, R&D funds for instrument manufacturing were 21.02 billion yuan, and the investment intensity was 2.11 %.

With the acceleration of independent innovation in our country, localization policy orientation and scientific and technological progress have greatly promoted the development of the instrumentation industry, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and the promotion of independent innovation of enterprises, greatly improving the technical indicators and product quality of domestic instrumentation.

Of course, in the development of the scientific instrument industry, the industry still faces many problems and gaps. Although domestic instrument technology has repeatedly achieved breakthroughs, there is still a considerable gap with international advanced technology in high-end products and some emerging areas. In particular, the import of high-tech, high-value-added products represented by experimental analysis and precision optical instruments has been high for a long time. Domestic instruments lack application research, especially it is difficult to popularize and apply them at or above the provincial level and in key scientific research institutions and laboratories.

At the same time, the community's understanding of domestic instruments still stays in the original impression, which requires industry companies to increase the promotion of advanced and high-quality product technology, and comprehensively improve the brand construction of domestic instruments and equipment.

It is believed that the domestic instrument market will continue to warm up during the steady accumulation and upgrading of independent innovation technology in China. Domestic equipment manufacturers will also have more strength and strength and import companies to compete, to create world-class products. In the end, the professional brand to create a new image, quality to write a new future instrument!