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    XH-6011-DM Demattia Flex-Cracking Tester

    • 应用领域:The machine is suitable for the test of flexure and crack growth ofvulcanized rubber or the rmo plastic rubber Method to understand thecondition of mate ri aladap tation to flexure .Vulcanized rubber, under repeated flexure, observed a certain area of the surface due to stress concentration Resistance to crack or crack growth.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:



    Number of test group

    48 sets



    Test speed


    Flexible schedule


    Clip start spacing


    Count range

    0~999,999 Subsetable(by country or designation)


    65×73×148 cm

    Weight (approx.)

    60 kg


    1∮, AC 220V, 50Hz

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